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Kaffir Limes and Leaves

A knobby, dark-skinned lime with a very strong lime fragrance and flavour. The leaves are fiy shredded for use in curry pastes and salads, or added whole to curries. The rind is also very pungent and is grated over salads, soups and curries. Fresh leaves are available from specialty greengrocers and Asian food stores, and they freeze well in airtight bags. Dried leaves are available from Asian food stores, but can only be added to foods which are simmered to allow to flavour to be released. If kaffir limes are not available, standard limes may be used for rind and juice, bearing in mind that the flavour is not quite the same. The leaves are not suitable as a substitute for kaffir lime leaves.
Kaffir Limes and Leaves
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